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IMG_5901 (2)My name is Stefan Kaczmarek

Over 30 years of editorial experience in international and local publishing houses. 28 years of experience writing about, analyzing and observing development of the ICT industry: editorial work and publications in the leading Polish ICT magazines. The editor-in-chief (years 2003-2008) of the monthly magazine NetWorld published by IDG Poland; there also in the years 1994-2012 as deputy editor-in-chief, editorial project manager and executive editor. Since 2012 freelancer, journalist (TELKO.in, IT Professional, Reseller News) and Chief Blog Officer (it-filolog.pl). Focused on: digital transformation, telecom market, networking, storage, cloud computing, data lakes, edge computing, datacenter, cybersecurity, big data, AI, machine/deep learning, AR/VR).

I have a philological background (Polish & English philological studies with a focus on film studies). First editorial work and experience – at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s in Ossolineum, the oldest Polish publishing house (Wrocław, Poland).  Age group: 50+

About B2B ICT blog it-filolog.pl => convergence of IT, business and humanities

The name, assumptions and contents of the blog stem directly from my philological and editorial background with over 25 years working as an editor, translator and author in many ICT magazines and websites. My goal is to share my observations and pay readers’ attention to headline news in the ICT industry by covering innovative solutions as well as technological and market trends. The sources of information and knowledge include , reports, conferences, trade fairs and my own research. The tasks for the IT philologist encompass exploring interesting information, providing a synthesis of the most important phenomena, quoting analysts, opinion leaders, experts, producers and the media.

For whom?

I assume that the blog contents might be of interest for all those who are interested in the ICT ecosystem (vendors, providers, distributors, resellers, integrators and buyers of ICT solutions, products and services), and for whom not only technical parameters are important, but also a broader view on how to make the optimal use of ICT technologies and how they affect all aspects of life. Equally important for all those interested in the blog  should be the analysis of market trends and use of ICT tools and platforms when implementing new business strategies, as well as updating their roadmaps and directions in the digital world.


I will appreciate any inspiration, suggestions, questions or cooperation offers. Please contact me: it.filolog@gmail.com

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